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"Strange Circles" is On Sale

If you don't own our debut album Strange Circles yet, now's the time! Buy a vinyl, CD, or digital download and receive 25% off using the code "BOKANTE".

US: https://store.groundupmusic.net/collections/bokante

EU: https://storeeurope.groundupmusic.net/collections/bokante

We Like It Here is Back!

We heard you....We Like It Here is back! Read the statement from Michael League below.

US: https://store.snarkypuppy.com/prod…/we-like-it-here-vinyl-lp
EUROPE: https://storeeurope.snarkypuppy.com/…/we-like-it-here-vinyl…

Michael League:

We know this has been the topic of conversation for a while now. We recently repressed a limited edition of vinyl (with a free digital download of the OnDemand film and MP3's) for our record We Like It Here. As of today, it is now available for pre-order in our North American and European store. We also just put the feature film with bonus features up on Vimeo, so you can rent or buy it digitally in high definition. In addition to this, we have also redelivered We Like It Here to all streaming and digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. While we still feel that the streaming model is not yet compensating artists fairly, the bottom line is that we care more about reaching our listeners than selling records. This ultimately affects what kind of records we can make and how often we make them, but I think it's worth it at this moment in time. That said, we are at a point in our career (after almost a decade and a half of music making) in which we can carry on without selling albums the way we used to. We actually make money on tour. We sell merch. We sell sheet music. Though we do feel the hit of loss of album sales, we're fine with our alternative revenue streams and we can survive. Many artists- many artists you LOVE- can not. So, for those of you with the desire and means to support artists, I humbly encourage that you buy their music. Physical, direct digital download (which you can now import into streamers like Spotify)... anything helps. You wouldn't believe how many incredible musicians I have spoken with over the last few months who are desperate about their situations right now. Thinking about quitting. Living on friends' couches. These are artists you know, and who you probably think are doing well for themselves. But of course they will never show this side- their struggles, their deep internal battles, their disappointments- on social media. So please, use streaming to discover artists. Then go the extra (very easy) step and help them make more beautiful music by buying it. Thank you for reading.

Charlie Hunter Leaves for Year End Tour

Today is the first date of Charlie Hunter's year ending tour.

Catch his incredible Trio while you can!

Tickets here!

PRD Mais Unveils video for "Vivo Grilo/Bora Bira"

The latest PRD Mais video consists of two of the tracks from their latest record, "Rittenhouse." The video opens up with "Vivo Grilo," a dual tamborim track, and continues on to "Bora Bira" a song that includes the legendary Carlos Malta on Bass Flute and Snarky Puppy's Chris Bullock on Flute.

Watch the video here!

"Rittenhouse" is available now:
Physical: https://store.groundupmusic.net/collections/prd-mais

Digital: http://radi.al/PRDRittenhouseApple

Banda Magda Release "Le Tigre Malin: Reprise"

Brighten your day with this beautiful musical interlude by Banda Magda!

Watch here!

"Tigre" is available now:

Physical: https://store.groundupmusic.net/collections/banda-magda
Digital: http://smarturl.it/Tigre_iTu

In 2016, musicians from around the world competed in a contest to create an original piece using samples from Tarova, off of Culcha Vulcha, with top prizes of $500 and more. Check out the best of the best below.

Grand Prize



From Brooklyn, USA | Visit Profile
1st Runner-Up

Tarova (Quick Remix)

by 0db

From Marseille, France | Visit Profile
2nd Runner-Up

Tarova (Karol Obara Version)

by 24dBFS

From Stuttgart, Germany | Visit Profile
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