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Becca Stevens Releases New Single, “I’m Not Her”

“I'm Not Her" delves into the inward journey that grapples with ego struggles triggered by the murky world of social media. Becca Stevens reflects on the contrast between her self-identity and the curated personas of popular erotic influencers.
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Justin Stanton and Chris Bullock Release New Album, 'Claro e Escuro'

Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton have extensive experience together onstage as well as in the studio, collaborating with artists as diverse as David Crosby, Michael McDonald, Lalah Hathaway, Kirk Franklin, Laura Mvula, Salif Keita, Chris Thile, Charlie Hunter, and the Metropole Orkest. Their first true collaboration together as a duo, Claro e Escuro (Light and Dark), was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in the spring of 2023 and showcased not only Justin and Chris’s kinship at the production helm, but also put on display the artistry of several young and gifted musicians in the vanguard of the Rio scene.

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Lucy Woodward Releases New Album, 'Lucy Woodward & The Rocketeers'

Lucy Woodward’s new album, Lucy Woodward & The Rocketeers, features her bespoke 18-person jazz collective, inspired by American composers such as Nina Simone and Billy Strayhorn, with dynamic arrangements explicitly written to match Lucy’s passionate vocal manner, color, and timbre; the songs range from high-energy explosions to hauntingly intimate meditations. Listen to the album on all streaming platforms.

Söndörgö Releases New Album, 'Gyezz' with Chris Potter

Söndörgö’s new album, Gyezz, is out now! Amid global turmoil, the band emerged stronger, turning challenges into triumphs and creating music that became a beacon of hope. In less than 24 hours in Budapest, they captured their musical synergy, featuring a special guest appearance by the legendary Chris Potter. Their new album, a testament to resilience and creativity, showcases the transformative power of music. It offers solace and inspiration to all who listen. The band thanks Chris Potter for his incredible contribution and their listeners for joining them on this journey. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Mark Lettieri Releases New Single and Music Video, “Shimmy Tiger”

Mark Lettieri’s new single, “Shimmy Tiger" is probably the closest thing to a pop song the artist has ever written, even though it’s a six-minute instrumental. The title comes from a little dance his daughter used to do when she was around three years old, which she called the Shimmy Tiger. This track blends 80’s guitar rock and fusion with a touch of Prince’s influence, reflecting much of the artist's creative style.

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