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Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Release New Album, "GUINGA"

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini’s new album Guinga is out on now! This album is a collaboration with prolific Brazilian guitarist, Guinga — from his old releases to new releases, focusing on a more lyrical approach. A few of the songs are attributed to Duke Ellington and inspired by Brazilian music that came from the Bay Area. Listen on all streaming platforms!

Welcome Söndörgö to GroundUP

We are so excited to welcome Söndörgö to the GroundUP Roster! The primordial nature of traditional music, the sophistication of classical compositions, the energies of rock music, and the purity of Bartók's thinking characterize the Hungarian band Söndörgő, one of the most exciting, innovative, and successful bands on the international world music scene.

Welcome Tatiana to GroundUP

We are so excited to welcome @tatianaevamarie to the GroundUP Roster! Nicknamed the “Gypsy-jazz Warbler” by the @nytimes, Tatiana Eva-Marie is a transatlantic bandleader, singer, author, and actress based in Brooklyn. She is known for singing popular French music derived from the Django tradition, which includes Balkan Gypsy and folk influences.
Her new single will be out on April 5th!

Varijashree Venugopal's New Single and Video, 'Dream,' is Out Now!

Varijashree Venugopal’s new single, “Dream,” is out now! The song's inspiration comes from Vari’s dream of floating and feeling like there was nowhere to go and no clue where she was. The delicacy of being in such a vulnerable state of mind, longing for something she lost along the way. However, her sense of receiving and giving the love she had known since childhood pushed her to keep going. Pure, doubtless, and open.

Taylor Eigsti’s New Album, 'Plot Armor,' is Out Now!

Taylor Eigsti's new album “Plot Armor” is out now! Eigsti envisioned this album to connect to people from all different walks of life and to connect them with nature, chaos, and suspense within his own way of storytelling. Don’t miss this grand album.

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