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Malika Tirolien Releases "SISTERS (Remix)" With New Music Video

Malika Tirolien has teamed up with Meryem Saci for a remix of “SISTERS,” a track from Malika’s newest album. The new release and accompanying music video portray a message of women empowerment and freedom.

FORQ Releases Remix Singles 'Four (Remixt)'

FORQ has released 4 new remixes from their most recent album, Four (Remixt). This set kicks off with Jason Linder's "Tiny Soul (flymyspcshp rebuild)," followed by Wolff Parkinson White's remix of "M- Theory (Wolff Parkinson White Family Fun Version)," then Brian Delaney's "Otellibirum (Glaveman Mix)," and closes out with Liz Owen's "Mr Bort (Liz Owen Remix)." Check out the new remixes at the link below.

Mirrors Releases Debut EP With New Music Video

The debut Mirrors EP is out now! Mirrors is a collaborative project brought to life by artists Micheal League, Gisela João, Becca Stevens, Louis Cato, and Justin Stanton. The 3-track EP is accompanied by a music video and includes the songs "Sleep," written by Mike and Louis, "Tempestade," written by Gisela and Justin, and "Over the Line," written by Becca & Mike,

Becca Stevens on "Over The Line" - "The seed of this song came from a desire to inspire our male counterparts to do their part in advocating for gender equality. When Mike and I were writing the lyrics, we were addressing this theme from a perspective of two people working together at a common goal, and that through this kind of teamwork progress is made. In the creative process we addressed this idea of teamwork from different angles; sometimes working side by side, sometimes holding the other up, and sometimes sitting back and just listening.” The project features Micheal League, Gisela João, Becca Stevens, Louis Cato, and Justin Stanton.

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio Release New Collaborative Album

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio have released their self-titled album, produced by Michael League. Also out today is a live performance video for "Pathways," shot at Flux Studios in New York City. 

The record focuses on blending Becca's effortless vocal talent and exquisite compositions, with The Secret Trio's mastered musical traditions. 

"Even as these unique artists approached their crafts from such far corners, the music they make together feels effortless and sublime." -Jamey Haddad

Read/McQueen Release New Live Performance Video, "Send Off"

Chris McQueen - “Send Off” is the last song we, Read/McQueen, wrote in the batch of songs that became our self-titled GroundUP debut. Rather than starting slowly and building, we thought it could be cool to have a song that just kicks right in at full speed. Of course then there’s the question of where you go from there... after trying a lot of different approaches we found a sort of (for lack of a better word) “Americana” tune that felt like a natural extension of the flashy intro. 

Watch the full video on YouTube!

In 2016, musicians from around the world competed in a contest to create an original piece using samples from Tarova, off of Culcha Vulcha, with top prizes of $500 and more. Check out the best of the best below.

Grand Prize



From Brooklyn, USA | Visit Profile
1st Runner-Up

Tarova (Quick Remix)

by 0db

From Marseille, France | Visit Profile
2nd Runner-Up

Tarova (Karol Obara Version)

by 24dBFS

From Stuttgart, Germany | Visit Profile

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